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If I had to pick the social media platform I spend the most time on, it would be Twitter. The writing community is great, the hashtags make it simple to connect with people with shared interests, and the daily themes are a fun boost of inspiration. I’ve tried to spend a little time on most of the popular social media platforms, but Twitter is my home away from home. My favorite of the daily themes? Work-in-progress Wednesday.

Twice a month I plan to post about things related to my writing projects and work-in-progress stories. You’ll find updates, snippets, character interviews, world building secrets, and more. To start off small this week, here’s a rough synopsis of my current book baby, Daughter of Nightmares. (Don’t worry, I didn’t give away the ending!)

Set in the magical land of Astryae, Daughter of Nightmares is a YA/NA dark fantasy about friendship, blood, and the grey parts of morality.

On the night before her eighteenth birthday, everything changes for Lili Trevil. After a trip to the carnival where things take a turn for the twisted, Lili finds herself on the brink of madness. She no longer needs rest, food tastes like cardboard — and what’s with things dying around her?

Before she can  figure it out, winged creatures with swords of fire attack her home in the middle of the night. Her father dies, but not before telling her to head to the train station and find a man named Remiel in the city of Mulgrave.

Lili escapes to Mulgrave, but her situation is still dire. No one in town knows where to find Remiel, and Lili soon learns he’s a wanted fugitive. Eventually, a barkeep tells her that Remiel is an angel, a brute soldier of the Elysian Gardens sent to keep their town in line. Fearful of angels, the people of Mulgrave have tried to rid themselves of him ever since they discovered the truth about what he was.

Defeated, Lili decides to return to Faomere to see what’s left of her home. But before she reaches the train station, she’s surrounded by a group of creatures with glowing red eyes and fangs. As they attack, Lili is saved by a mysterious figure wielding a fire sword of his own: Remiel.

Remiel tells Lili he is a fallen angel. The archangels banished him from the Gardens ages ago for insubordination. He agrees to help Lili in order to repay his debt to her late father, but warns he can’t protect her alone. The archangels clipped his wings and stripped his powers the day they banished him.

Lili, Remiel, and his mysterious roommate Viktor travel to Carramar in search of a spirit mage. Rumored to possess the powers of the divine, Lili hopes the mage can help. However, one look at Lily and the woman throws them all out in a fit of hysteria.

Still hunted by both angels and demaons, Lili and Remiel swallow their pride and accept help from a darker source: a blood mage named Aster.

Aster possess the sight. Within seconds she discovers why angels and demons hunt Lili: she isn’t human. Lili is a camphelam, a demon/angel hybrid whose very existence threatens the fabric of reality. The man she mourned as her father shared none of her genetics. Her entire life has been an illusion. Her purpose? To be a living weapon in the war between the Gardens and the Shadowrealm.

Lili decides there’s only one way to save herself: purge the dark parts of her soul and rid herself of evil. With the help of Aster, Remiel, and Viktor, she sets off on a suicide mission to trap the God of Judgement and force him to grant her purity. The God agrees to help — if Lili and the others venture into the Shadowrealm and retrieve his stolen scythe.

Remiel refuses to have anything to do with the Shadowrealm even as Lili’s powers continue to grow. He and Viktor leave. Lili and Aster are forced to make a deal with a Marquese of the Shadowrealm to gain passage into the underworld. Lili and Aster find themselves locked in a cage suspended over a pit of ravenous hellbeasts. She meets her mother, the Queen of the Shadowrealm. She offers Lili a simple choice: join her cause and bring down the Gardens or die.

Unable to turn his back on his newfound friends, Remiel and Viktor arrive at the last second. Remiel stays behind to fight the goddess, giving Lili and the others a chance to escape. Lili finds the scythe and makes a break for the exit in hopes of saving Remiel.

Lili is double-crossed for a second time as she delivers the scythe. There’s only one way to purge her darkness — and it has nothing to do with kidnapping gods. As a picture of the larger plot begins to unfold, Lili realizes they’ve stumbled into an oncoming war. Chaos between the Gardens and Shadowrealm could end all humanity. They vow to find a way to save Remiel and protect the rest of the world from danger only they can see coming.   

In short, there you have it! Things might change and evolve as I work through various drafts, but that’s a general idea. Do you have a work-in-progress? What’s your book baby for 2019? I’d love to hear all about it!

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