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The Ten Best Witches in Fantasy Fiction

Greetings, darling deviants! 

Confession time. I spent a few years longer than I’d like to admit waiting for my letter from Hogwarts to arrive. After finishing every book in the Harry Potter series, I combed the library for every witchy book I could find. If a story involved magic or witchcraft, I wanted to read it. 

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Witches are still one of my favorite tropes in fantasy fiction. It’s probably no surprise Aster is one of my favorite characters in the Renegade Guardians series. Witches and mages also play a significant role in the Unholy Wars series. In case you’re as crazy about magic as I am, here are ten of the best witches in fantasy books (in my humble opinion)

Lou (Serpent and Dove)

book cover gold snake over black feathers serpent and dove fantasy

This was one of my more recent reads, and I have nothing but good things to say about it. A young adult novel featuring a spunky witch who winds up accidentally married to a holy man sworn to hunt and kill witches, Serpent & Dove is packed with witty dialogue, begrudging romance, and moments of genuine heartbreak. Lou is sassy and profane with a heart pure enough to charm even her stick-in-the-mud Chasseur husband.

Penny (The Wicked Deep

book cover blue night sky with silver trees and crow pentagram the wicked deep

If possible, try to snag the audiobook version of this one. The narrator’s voice and the atmosphere are magical. I don’t know if Penny counts as a witch, but the story revolves around her ability to see what others cannot about her sleepy seaside town supposedly cursed by witches. Netflix is also in the process of turning this one into a series or film!

Tea (The Bone Witch)

book cover woman on rocks with skull the bone witch

At the age of twelve, Tea accidentally resurrects her brother at his own funeral. Things get progressively darker from there. If you’re into dark fantasy and stories with necromancy, heartbreak, revenge, and incredible world-building, add The Bone Witch to your TBR pile.

Serefin Meleski (Wicked Saints)

book cover fantasy city wicked saints

If I’m totally honest, Serefin is easily the more fun mage in Wicked Saints. Though he’s a blood mage, a “heretic,” and a drunken prince, he tries to do what he can to protect his country and people in between getting black-out drunk. Even after someone he loves stabs him in the back, Serefin’s wit and sense of humor never fail.

Rowen Mayfair (Witching Hour

Because who could forget Anne Rice? With a marvelous blend of magic, history, suspense, and books closer to the horror side, The Witching Hour was one of my favorite books in high school.

Amora (All the Stars and Teeth

fantasy book cover skull mermaid tail all the stars and teeth

I’m a sucker for pirates and mermaids, so I grabbed a copy of this one almost as soon as I read the description. It did not disappoint. Magic helps to create a complicated political situation that only adds to the intrigue. With promises of hexes, curses, and seafaring adventure, what more do you need?

Ezra (Three Mages and a Margarita

book cover witch in front of cityscape three mages and a margarita

As much as I love Tori, Ezra is probably my favorite character in Three Mages and a Margarita. Quiet and mysterious, Marie hints at a backstory I can’t wait to read more about later in the series. And don’t worry—it’s not a reverse harem story.

Agnes Nutter (Good Omens

angel demon book cover good omens

Also a hit show on Amazon Prime, Good Omens deals more with demons and angels than witches. But Agnes Nutter and her odd but accurate prophecies are one of my favorite elements of Good Omens. I read the book twice before streaming the series, and I still found myself giggling.

The Owens Sisters (Practical Magic

Unpopular opinion: the film adaptation is hugely underrated. That said, don’t go into this expecting the movie. The book is darker and more mature, and the tense switches are tricky to follow at times.

Charlie (The Last Necromancer

This one is free on Amazon, so you should totally give it a read. A historical urban fantasy featuring secret societies, necromancy, assassins, humor, and a slow-burn romance, the Ministry of Curiosities series is a deliciously dark read.

Do you have a favorite witch? Or are you ‘over’ the witches and wizards in fantasty fiction? Let’s chat about it!

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