The Best Holiday Gifts for Writers in 2019

Do you have any writerly friends in your life? Unsure what gifts to buy for your favorite literary nerd who spends more time in their head than reality? Wondering what the overworked indie author in your life needs this holiday season? Wonder no more! As always, I’ve got you covered. 😉 

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

I’ve mentioned the awesomeness that is wireless headphones in a previous post, but I cannot stress enough how much I love these things. Whether I’m working from home or out at a library or cafe, these babies give me the power to make the world around me shut up for a while. They are the closest things to a silencing spell I can find (SO FAR!). What writer doesn’t need a little magic in their life?

Tablets and Laptops

I love my desktop computer. Most of my writing is done sitting at my desk with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee on the windowsill next to me. But there’s no denying desktop computers limit mobility. I can’t drag my entire tower and dual-monitor setup to a cafe or friend’s house to work. Lucky me, I hoard both traditional notebooks and technology. I’d never leave the house if I didn’t have my tablet.

Many writers are a bit picky about their tech, so this isn’t a gift I recommend purchasing blind. But if your spouse or someone you love is turning into a shut-in, tablets and laptops are a great way to maintain productivity outside of the home office. I’m a big fan of my Surface Pro 3 and Chromebook, but many of my writerly friends swear by the iPad Pro and Macbook Air.

Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

While we’re on the subject of productivity, let’s talk keyboards. I absolutely loathe the keyboard I bought to use with my Surface. The tiny buttons on my smartphone’s keyboard make me want to pull my hair out. Inefficient tools will frustrate me enough to abandon the idea of writing on smaller devices.

The solution? These nifty wireless keyboards. They’re foldable and easy to tuck into a purse or small bag, but they have the full functionality of a traditional keyboard. I still love my fancy keyboard at home more, but this baby simplifies the process of writing away from my desk.

Skillshare Premium Membership

I hear plugs for Skillshare all the time on my podcasts and favorite YouTube channels. If you’re in the creative world, it seems like everyone’s talking about Skillshare and the awesome variety of classes they offer. For the writer or creative person in your life, Skillshare is an unbeatable resource filled with courses on writing, productivity, business management, marketing, brand and logo creation, fine arts, finance, and SO MUCH MORE. For those who can’t afford to stay in college forever but still want to learn new skills, Skillshare has you covered.

(And, if you’re not convinced online learning is a good fit for you or the creative in your life, here’s a free two-month trial to check it out!)

Fancy Notebooks

This is another one of those presents I don’t suggest unless you know the writer in your life well. A lot of writers are down to scribble in whatever’s lying around. I have a creepy collection of sticky notes glued to my wall, and half my bed is covered in old composition notebooks and journals. One of my close friends, on the other hand, will ONLY write in her preferred Moleskin notebooks. If you happen to know where your writer likes to jot down ideas, a nice notebook is never a bad idea.

Comfy Loungewear

For those brave souls who don’t mind picking out clothes for other people. Most of the writers I know have one thing in common: we do our best work when we’re comfortable. Nothing beats a soft pair of leggings or sweatpants. Bonus points if they’re cute, but I’d argue aesthetics matter less than coziness.

Did I miss anything? Throw it in the comments! And stay tuned for next week’s post where we’ll discuss the perfect gifts for bookworms and readers!

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