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Ten Weird Facts About Kyra Quinn

Greetings darling deviants! 
Fun fact: I suck at talking about ‘me.’ Talking about my stories or characters, sure. Politics, religion, literature, or philosophy? All fair game. But I always feel a little awkward sharing anything about myself. I’m never sure where to start or what to say, or who’d care to read it. 

But the questions and messages I’ve gotten through social media and email suggest a few are curious about the lady behind the stories. Fair enough. Anyone who follows my #FaveFridays knows I’m not shy about fangirling the authors and books I adore. So, for those who are curious, here are ten weird facts about me. 

My love for the occult and creepy things started young.

I used to give my sister nightmares with the Goosebumps books I’d force her to listen to me read. After our mother fell asleep, we’d sneak into the living room to watch the scary movies tucked away under the TV. I suppose it’s no surprise many of my stories feature a supernatural element. 

tarot cards on velvet bag the lovers occult

My parents (and everyone in my family aside from my younger sister) are incredibly religious.

For the first seventeen years of my life, I attended church three times a week. After moving away for college, I spent time exploring the other religions of the world. I still love learning about cultures and beliefs unfamiliar to me in my spare time. 

I fell in love with the concept of storytelling more so than any particular character or story.

Stories endure through generations, often changing settings and shapes to fit their audience. Different variations of the same stories, especially fairy tales, exist across almost all cultures. Stories of the past often served as warnings. The tales of today often seek to inspire hope. Either way, I admire their emotional resonance and their power to move us. 

pen and paper once upon a time story

I didn’t attend college for English or writing.

At least, not initially. For the first few years, I studied (and loved) psychology. I still keep a copy of the DSM on my shelf and follow a few psychology podcasts. I eventually decided I didn’t have the best temperament for a psychiatrist, but I still love keeping up to date on the latest research in the field and poking around inside the human mind. 

I’ve had a few people comment on my photos on Facebook/IG and tell me I “look tall.”

While I have no idea what that means (how does one ‘look’ tall?), I’m not. Not even close. Middle schoolers tower over me. 

I’ve always found myself more attracted to scars and stories than glitz and glamor.

If I’m at a dinner party with an assortment of guests, I’m more likely to gravitate towards the woman telling tales from her addiction days than the guy showing off his cars or houses. I’ve never understood the desire to choose your company based on their accomplishments or material successes. It’s like choosing a partner based solely on their physical appearance without getting to know them.

angel with ripped wings on the ground in front of waterfall bloody scars on back bony spine fantasy image

When I’m not working on a writing project or spending time with my kids, I tend to find other creative projects to keep me busy.

My drawing skills are laughable, but I still enjoy painting, crocheting, sewing, and hanging out barefoot in the kitchen. It’s next to impossible for me to keep my hands still. My favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon is working on something crafty and creative. 

I’m not easy to scare, but weird things freak me out.

At the top of the list of odd phobias are people in lab coats with latex gloves, chickens, and narrow roads. 

angry glaring chicken with creepy yellow eyes

I have whatever the opposite of a green thumb is.

I’ve tried to grow spice gardens and flowers several times over the years, but it never works out for me. I can keep a house full of pets and tiny humans alive, but I seem to kill whatever plants I touch. 

And lastly, I’m the last person in the world you should trust with an aux cord in your car.

I’ll have you listening to everything from pop-punk to 90s rap to bluegrass before the ride is over. But I have ADD, so we’ll never finish an entire song before I lose interest and skip to the next one. 

That’s more than enough about me. Do you have any weird quirks or habits? Irrational phobias you can’t shake? I’d love to hear more about them! 

3 thoughts on “Ten Weird Facts About Kyra Quinn”

  1. I really enjoyed reading more about who you are, your uniqueness and quirks. I agree and am also drawn to people who have a story to tell, that is a reflection of their strengths and struggles, how their perspective fills in their likes/dislikes and the way life experiences have shaded and/or brightened their personality. I could care less what someone has, as far as monetary or posessions, I place emphasis on what sets them apart, how they treat others who can do nothing for them. I am the type of person who treats everyone the same, it doesn’t matter if you are the trash man or the president, social status is irrelevant to me.

    I do tend to be more drawn to other creatives though, musicians, writers, sculptors, painters, actors, sketch artist, and everyone in between, each have a story to share that has such depth, passion and purpose that is humbling and fascinating to me.

    I am inspired by your post and may write something similar soon, if you don’t mind.

    Great write xoxo

    1. I couldn’t agree more! A lot of my closest friends are artists, musicians, or involved in the performance arts. I love listening to their stories and learning more about their unique creative processes, especially across different mediums. I can’t wait to read your post and learn more about you!

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