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Six-Line Sunday: Bloodstains and Bitemarks

Greetings, darlings of darkness! This week’s six-line Sunday is from Bloodstains and Bitemarks, book one in the Unholy Wars trilogy. I’ll do a cover reveal sometime this month, but here’s an early peek inside.

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My mind drifts back to Sundays spent in church listening to my father preach. He always warned his congregation not to expect horns and pitchforks from demons. Evil, he said, appears disguised as everything you think you want. It infects your life slowly, almost imperceptible until it’s too late to stop it. Controlling prick that he is, my father wasn’t wrong about everything. If I didn’t know the truth about Kane and what he’s capable of, I might fall into his trap all over again.

Bloodstains and Bitemarks

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