It’s Cover Reveal Time!!

Hey there and welcome to my first cover reveal of 2019! Today I am so excited to share with you the cover for my upcoming novella, Mother of Darkness. The story takes place almost twenty years before the action in Daughter of Nightmares. I’ll include the description below. I’ll be revealing the second cover later in the month, and both books will be available for preorder this spring. Mother of Darkness is set to release the last week of April, with Daughter of Nightmares a couple of weeks behind. 



kyra quinn mother of darkness
Mother of Darkness book cover

When a handsome and mysterious stranger arrives in Wyvenmere and flatters innocent young Daeva, she prays her mundane life will change. Her wish is granted when she learns the man’s identity: Zanox, god of chaos and shadows. And he’s chosen her for a wife. Daeva is dragged to Shadow City, where she’s tortured until she agrees to wed the temperamental diety. Daeva serves as his faithful wife for years with no hope of escape, her soul darker with each day.

But when Zanox’s demons capture an injured Archangel, everything changes. Daeva takes pity on Samael, who shows her more kindness in an hour than her husband had in a lifetime. As feelings quickly develop between the pair, Daeva makes a dangerous decision to save the angel’s life at the risk of her own.

Samael decides to return to the Elysian Gardens. Daeva is left alone and heartbroken in a world she no longer recognizes. She evades Zanox’s demons and finds a safe place to hide the only gift Samael left behind: a child she’s positive none of the world will welcome. Can Daeva accomplish one final act of good before her humanity slips away forever?    

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