Spotlight Saturday: Interview with Dale Hollin

Welcome back to another Spotlight Saturday, darling deviants! This week, we’re taking a peek inside the mind of twisted erotic horror author Dale Hollin. Dale’s work is steamy, dark, and definitely a little different than anything we’ve explored on this blog so far. Let’s dive in and get to know him better! Hello and welcome! …

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cup full of pencil erasers deleted scenes

Deleted Scene: Bloodstains and Bitemarks

Welcome back, darling deviants!  I have a strange love/hate relationship with the deleted scenes from my books. It’s fun to find them saved on my computer months later. They’re great inspiration for future scenes or stories. Still, even after deleting countless chapters (and sometimes full stories!), I’m always a bit sad when I’m forced to …

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Kyra Quinn author ten weird facts

Ten Weird Facts About Kyra Quinn

Fun fact: I suck at talking about ‘me.’ Talking about my stories or characters, sure. Politics, religion, literature, or philosophy? All fair game. But I always feel a little awkward sharing anything about myself. I’m never sure where to start or what to say, or who’d care to read it.