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Erudition (Book One in the Fate-Marked Trilogy)

Eloria Whiting’s life exists inside a bubble. The world is ruined, Coshoria the only place left with fertile land after the Old World’s collapse. The gods continue to bless them and provide fertile crops with one caveat — the population must remain pure and devoted to the gods to repent for the sins of their ancestors. Or so the Temple says as they police their citizens’ every action. 
Ellie spends her days avoiding courtship and her nights curled up with forbidden books. Matrimony is around the corner, her freedom over. But when Ellie’s father falls ill, faith and prayer aren’t enough. In a challenge to everything she’s taught, Ellie must escape the wall that encloses Coshoria and venture outside in search of a flower rumored to heal. If caught by the Temple, she’ll be executed for treason. Her family’s name will be ruined, her sister disgraced from marriage. But if her father dies, the Temple takes possession of their lives. 
Ellie escapes the wall, only to discover her life has been a lie. The rest of society lives decades in the future, their technology far advanced. Ellie is captured by the King of Enoxis, a strange creature who calls himself a Divya. She learns life has evolved, and humans are no longer on top of the food chain. Before she can panic, another bombshell lands in Ellie’s lap: she isn’t human, either.
Tragedy strikes home, drawing the Temple’s attention to her absence. Ellie arrives in Coshoria just in time to see her family die. She returns to Enoxis with only one goal in mind: destroy the people who murdered her family. 
The king gives Ellie a decision to make: rule on the fate of Coshoria and determine if humanity is too flawed to be saved. Can Ellie find it in her to spare those who showed her family no mercy?

The Unholy Wars Trilogy

Coming Spring 2020!

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