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The Unholy Wars

Coming Spring 2020

paranormal romance fantasy book cover redhead witch with rose tattoo clutching glowing magic orb and rosary in front of graveyard

Most girls fall for the prince, but I fell in love with a monster…

Two weeks. In fourteen days, I’ll escape home and leave Miami behind forever. I’m counting down the minutes, ready to bolt as soon as I graduate. That is, until I bump into a dangerous but desirable stranger I can’t seem to keep off my mind. 

But I should have known I’m not the sort of girl who gets to enjoy a summer romance. From the moment he smiles in my direction, ominous visions haunt me. Voices whisper warnings to me in the dark. Every alarm in my head screams at me to cut things off. But if he’s as dangerous as everyone says, why can’t I resist flirting with disaster?

Love and war both come with casualties…

Two years ago, Nadia abandoned her dreams of college and a normal life to join the Dark Hunt. Now she’s trained and deadly, ready to kill the demon who stole her future and put an end to the war between Heaven and Hell. But when the demon takes her hostage, all bets are off as Nadia struggles to avoid his cruel temper and addictive touch. The longer she spends in captivity, the deeper Kane drags her into his darkness. 

Kane is at the height of his career with the Legion. He spends every night drowning in booze and women. His last encounter with Nadia is long forgotten. That is, until the Knights of Hell inform him she’s joined the Dark Hunt. Ordered to kidnap Nadia and torture her for information, Kane enjoys watching the hunter squirm in his grasp. But how far can he push before she breaks? 

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