Renegade Guardians

kyra quinn mother of darkness
Mother of Darkness book cover

Living on the streets and forced to steal for survival, runaway Daeva Trevil thinks her life can’t get any worse. That is, until she’s dragged to Shadow City and forced to wed the god of chaos. She rules by Zanox’s side as Queen for years in hopes of finding a way back to Astryae, but her hopes of escape remain as elusive as the shadows around her.

When Zanox’s demons capture an injured Archangel, everything changes for Daeva. Secrets are revealed that leave her unsure who to trust. When Daeva makes a dangerous decision, she finds herself harboring a deadly secret of her own. Can she accomplish one final act of good before her humanity slips away forever?

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An angel/demon hybrid. A fallen angel, a shifter, and a blood mage. An impossible quest for salvation through the shadows.

How far would you go to change who you are? Turns out, pretty far when your mother is the Queen of Darkness. My name is Lili Trevil, and I don’t know if I’ll live to see tomorrow. All of the legends are real, and all of them want me dead. Angels stormed my home and murdered my father. Demons hunt me everywhere I go. My chance at a normal life went up in smoke with my childhood home. 

I thought I had my life figured out. Now I’m on the run, and I don’t even recognize my reflection. I made friends with a few Feyfolk, but they aren’t what they seem. The mage tells me the angels and demons won’t rest until they have my head. She tells me I’m not human. 

I’m a Camphelem, one of the most powerful Feyfolk born in centuries. The only problem is, I have no idea what that means. Two weeks ago, I didn’t even believe in angels. 

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