It’s here! BATHED IN THE BLOOD, my latest psychological suspense novel, is now live on Amazon. If you’re a fan of stories where the supernatural and psychological collide, you’ll love BATHED IN THE BLOOD. 

To celebrate my latest book baby’s entry into the world, I wanted to try something a little different with this week’s #FaveFriday post. While I normally use this time to celebrate other talented authors and books I consider influential to my own work, this week I’m going to highlight five of my favorite things about BATHED IN THE BLOOD. 

The Unreliable Narrator 

I mentioned in an earlier post how much I love unreliable narrators in fiction. While I love stories like Shutter Island and The Secret Window where the main character’s unreliability is discovered towards the end, I wanted to do something a little different with Nora. From the first page, it’s obvious that Nora is…different. But is different deadly? 


Nora’s husband evolved more than any other character throughout the story’s various drafts. The longer the two of them spent marinating in my head, the more real Marcel’s emotions and frustrations became for me. In the first draft or two of the story, he played the part of the supportive and concerned husband who wanted nothing more than to get his wife better. By draft four, however, Marcel was as sick of Nora’s shenanigans as anyone else. The cardboard caricature of the perfect husband broke down to reveal something more honest and genuine: a man who loves his wife but can’t take much more of her secrets and her refusal to seek help with her issues. 

The Bible Verses 

I grew up in the sort of Baptist family where everyone had to attend church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. I’m no stranger to the Bible, but I don’t remember most of the verses I pulled for BATHED IN THE BLOOD coming up in church. I attended a few services while plotting Nora’s book, but I had to dig through the Bible myself to find the verses I borrowed for this story.  

The Town 

Holly Grove is a fictional town in Georgia, but it reminds me a lot of a city I lived in out west for a few years. You couldn’t walk into the supermarket without bumping into at least three people you’d hoped to avoid. As a girl born and raised in a larger city full of diversity and the blessing of anonymity, small-town life was its own horror story for me. I channeled that claustrophobic energy to create Holly Grove.   


I had almost as much fun with Matthew as I did creating Nora. I’m a big fan of the spooky and supernatural, but I rarely have an opportunity to give those elements their own character arc. I have an entire folder full of deleted scenes where I attempted to puzzle out Matthew’s motivations and why he chooses to haunt Nora. I also loved the contrast Matthew and Sera offered at points, and I loved using them both to torture poor Nora. 

When it comes to my writing (and life, if we’re being honest), I’m a critical person. It’s easy for me to look back on projects and identify things I wish I’d done differently or “better.” If you’re anything like me, why not try creating a list like this for your next project? Instead of focusing on your own inner critic, spend some time identifying your favorite parts of your work. Use those things you love–and the things you wished you’d done better–as inspiration for your next creative pursuit!

I hope you enjoy reading BATHED IN THE BLOOD as much as I enjoyed writing it. Grab your copy on Amazon today. It’s free to read with Kindle Unlimited until February!

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