About Kyra: Biography

The Short Version:

Kyra Quinn is an emerging author of young adult and dark speculative fiction. Her debut novel, Daughter of Nightmares, will be released in 2019. It is the first installment in her Renegade Guardians series. Kyra lives in the mountains of North Carolina with her twin daughters and their feline friends. When she isn’t writing, Kyra enjoys music, activism, and day trips out of town.

The Extended Version:

 Kyra grew up with hot and sticky southeast summers and a library within walking distance of her childhood home. According to her parents (who are arguably unreliable narrators of their own), she loved books since the day she was born. A full year before learning to speak in sentences she could ask someone to read her a story. Her parents did their best to push her towards sports and athletics, but she was always the smallest (and nerdiest) kid in class. Their dreams went unrecognized. Instead, Kyra started writing stories of her own in fourth grade. By middle school she joined Battle of the Books. She read and wrote incessantly, devouring her mother’s stack of Stephen King books before reaching high school.

During the beginning of her adult years, she made the mistake of listening to the naysayers. “Writing isn’t a real job!” they’d say. And so, after moving to a small town nestled in the mountains of Arizona, she enrolled in the local community college to nurture her other love: psychology. She continued to scribble stories in her free time and declared a minor in creative writing. By junior year, her minor became her major. Kyra moved back east and transferred to another school, this time for a B.A. in English with a concentration in fiction writing.

Kyra worked a slew of strange jobs to support herself through school. She worked in movie theaters, retail stores, wine bars, and restaurants. There were positions as a tutor and nanny. She worked tech-support in a call-center where most customers seemed brand new to the Internet. No matter what the position, Kyra found herself daydreaming about her next short story or outlining a novel.

A lot has changed since then. Kyra completed a cross-country move or two, had a couple of kids, and met all sorts of interesting people to use for character inspiration. She left the odd jobs to work in her field, primarily writing and editing. She read a thousand books and wrote a few more of her own.

Kyra still wanders around the humid southern states, mostly because she can’t stand the snow. Her days are generally divided between time spent with her little monsters and time locked in the office crafting new novels and stories. When she isn’t writing or revising, Kyra is often curled up with a book, working on her textile crafts, or reading up on the latest news.

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