Month: February 2020

Kyra Quinn author ten weird facts

Ten Weird Facts About Kyra Quinn

Fun fact: I suck at talking about ‘me.’ Talking about my stories or characters, sure. Politics, religion, literature, or philosophy? All fair game. But I always feel a little awkward sharing anything about myself. I’m never sure where to start or what to say, or who’d care to read it.

fallen angel with black wings best angel/demon romances

9 Best Angel/Demon Romances in Fiction

If you’ve spent any time on the paranormal or urban fantasy book sections of Amazon, you’ve probably noticed that stories about angels and demons are never in short supply. I like to think of angels and demons as universal tropes—in almost every religion and culture, there’s some mythical symbol of “evil” or temptation, and another symbolizing protection and “good.”

red rose top ten fictional romances

Ten Favorite Fictional Romances

Welcome back, darling deviants! Valentine’s Day is behind us, but love is still in the air. It’s not my favorite holiday (Halloween, anyone?!), but I never pass up on an excuse to drink wine, eat chocolates, and indulge my more sensitive side. I’m an ice queen. But that never stops me from falling for fictional couples with unrealistic (okay, and maybe slightly unhealthy) love stories. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are ten of my favorite fictional romances.

Speculative Fiction Spotlight: Author J.A. Stone

Because you read significantly faster than I can produce books, I wanted to take some time to introduce you to other talented indie authors in the community. My hope is that you’ll find new authors to fall in love with, or at least learn neat behind-the-scenes facts about the indie author lifestyle. Without further ado, here’s my interview with J.A. Stone, the author of over ten books and short stories filled with decadent darkness.