Month: October 2019

My Five Favorite Tools for NaNoWriMo

I like to spend most of October getting to know my characters and plotting the story arcs. It’s taken me a few years of experimentation to figure out what works for me, but I’ve discovered a few great tools that help me stay on track and bring my stories to life. Fancy software and technology won’t write your novel for you, but the right resources can help set you up for success. Experiment with these tools and your own methods until you discover what works best for you as a writer!

#FaveFridays: 5 Twisted Transgressive Fiction Books I Adore

Transgressive fiction, on the other hand, tends to grab readers by the throat and drag them into a story much worse than their own reality. Transgressive books are the ones who make you think, “Wow, this is fucked.” They are not ‘safe spaces’ and many of them don’t end on a happy note. Transgressive fiction is often disturbing and graphic and frequently deals with protagonists with addiction or mental illness.